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I need to get some of this out or I’m going to explode…

So, who will it be? Who are they going to kill off in Fantastic Four #587? I have thoughts.

First, I think Ben’s safe. He’s too tied into the rest of the universe at this point and if it WAS Ben… well, remember how dumb it was when Carol was dead in her own book but alive and kicking everywhere else? Yeah. That’s not to say that Marvel’s learned a lesson, but I don’t think Ben’s seriously on the block here. Also, taking out the connections to the rest of the universe at the moment… with the whole not-rocky thing? Ben’s too obvious. Hickman doesn’t seem to be a fan of the obvious choice so… *shrug*

So then which of these lovely people pictured here will it be? 

Let’s get this out of the way. Killing Susan is… risky at best. Aside from the obvious reasons (only woman on the team, heart and soul of the family etc, etc), having Sue die (and this is going to sound VERY harsh, I’m sorry) takes away a level of humanity that I think Reed needs to function as an interesting character. Seeing him try to deal with that might be interesting, but I don’t think that’s in the cards. Also, we’ve relatively recently seen her “death” (see Millar’s run) so… old news.

Now Reed is… hmm. Reed is an interesting choice. He’s started to show some signs of life again after the character nightmare of the past few years, so to get rid of him now feels like telling half a story. Get him the rest of the way there, first. Also, Galactus basically said “Humanity’s fucked if you don’t do something about it”. So… unless the whole universe is going down in flames (which, hey, it might be!) I don’t think it’ll come to that. It’ll be a close shave, of course… but I think Reed will pull it out in the end.

Which means… Johnny. IMO Hickman doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of what to do with the Torch. That is clue number one in my book since, why kill off a character you have grand plans for if there’s one you don’t have anything to do with right there? Also, there’s great potential for the noble death here. Ben’s powerless and there are the kids to think about. It’s a far more personal “noble death” than say, the one Reed could have saving Nu-World, and that might be the push. What sealed it for me was the talk in the kitchen in FF #585 with Ben. Far too sentimental a moment to slip in if one of them isn’t going down… and since Ben is safe (as far as I see it)…

There is also the problem of all the Spider-Man as FF member, or Spidey tied to the FF promo stuff that’s been coming out. Given his friendship with Johnny specifically things like this:

It’s an iconic image; the 4 over the city, but it looks kind of wrong as it is, doesn’t it? Like it should be on fire, maybe? Hmmm… 

So I’m ready, Marvel. If I’m wrong, well I won’t be happy about it simply because killing any of these characters is going to hurt, but if I’m right? Well… at least I’m prepared. 

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